Boss Knows Best

For those of us convinced that the collective moan, wail and threat of NO is turning counter-productive, here is an insight from the man the Unionists named the world’s expert on referendums when it suited them. (He was against a second question). He is writing in the Scotsman and makes explicit what has been dawning on Yes for months now – that we don’t like being told what to think, not when it is in the form of a warning or threat and comes from someone the voters know to be out of touch with their world.

A moderate degree of carefully modulated caution from someone in a decision-making position is acceptable but when a man like BP’s Bob Dudley can earn £6m in bonus alone and starts lecturing people on £10,000 a year, his words get lost in a cloud of contempt and resentment. (Dudley’s salary is actually falling because the company performance under him is so poor year on year.)

Voters have learned not to trust those who don’t live in the real world and as the Fred Goodwin case shows, they derive a perverse pleasure in their downfall. Similarly, they know the massive donors to Better Together aren’t remotely interested in their lot – otherwise why haven’t they acted before now on low incomes? – and are putting their money where they believe that they and their kind will receive the best return.

So in that sense I think even the lazy complaints from Alistair Carmichael and Margaret Curran decrying those who dared criticise Dudley are also misconceived. It  is the Yes and nationalist response that captures the public mood not the knee-bending approval of the Unionists. Dudley may well have honest concerns…I imagine every business type does…but you can’t take him seriously when he was for example sanguine about working in Egypt while mass protests met with army fire and there was no certainty what government would be in power and  in Libya when it was imploding and engulfed by warring factions.

It’s been an extraordinary week for the Fear Mongers with daily threats of danger from big shots in politics and business. They’d better hope this approach is working or they might find that, like the Scotch Whisky Association, they engage in an unwinnable war. The booze sellers are hell-bent not on protecting their industry by opposing minimum pricing but by undermining the rights of the parliament that is the embodiment of the proud Scotland on which they trade. Most of them of course aren’t Scottish companies at all with owners around the globe and if they persist on denying the rights of the Scots by undermining their parliament they wont just lose support in Scotland but might find their misty glen advertising wears thin internationally too. Cheers.

23 thoughts on “Boss Knows Best

  1. What I find incredible is the continuation of the scare stories. Week after week it’s the same old guff. People switched off several months ago on both sides to this sort of stuff. We have become anesthetised…but they don’t know it yet for some reason.

  2. It’s because of westminster rule that our whisky industry is largely foreign owned and have their HQ’s in London. It is because of westminster that Scotland has no airline (FlyGlobeSpan could’ve been it but was brought down by a London based credit company). Our tourism has long been undermined by westminister. Scottish banks? We used to have three of the most respected banks in the world. Noq all we have is the Ardrie Savings Bank. As for our oil industry….well we all know how well Scotland has done out of that!

    Westminster has always undermined Scotland. They know full well how good we are and how successful we could be, but it is not in their interests to allow us to be so, so anytime things get too good in Scotland – westminster and London have undermined, under invested or just destroyed whatever is percieved as being capable of making Scotland look viable.

    Now for the first time in 300 years we will, as Jim Sillars rightly pointed out, have our sovereignty in our own hands on the 18th of September.

    Do you want to continue to live in a Scotland that is constantly denigrated and ridiculed or do you want to live in a country that you can be proud of? I know what my choice will be and no amount of Bob Dudleys or londonites will change that. YES.

  3. Derek, what I can’t quite get my head around is that whisky is made in Scotland with unique elements not available elsewhere, indeed only in the past week or so it has been made illegal to call Scotch whisky – Scotch whisky unless it is solely produced in this country, so how can we be held over any kind of barrel by multinational companies who own the distilleries that need our unique water supply and now legally required country association.

    If we, the Scots people are sovereign and we possess every drop of water source in this country, why don’t we simply tell the Diageos of this world to take a hike or play by our rules.

  4. Yesterday I was up alone on a hill in Galloway in pretty foul weather. I had read Ian Bell’s article in the Herald about the Financial Times assessment of iScotland’s potential before I left home and of course my thoughts turned to independence as the head was bent into the wind and rain. The Galloway Hills have been called “The Cradle of Independence”. So it is not hard to drop into that way of thinking there anyway.

    Now given that the news management/blackout with respect to the referendum is largely on a war footing as far as the Westminster commanders is concerned, and also that we have our own wee haw-haw mannie on Good Morning Scotland two days a week; our present-day “cradle of independence” has to be the internet and we have to fight like Bruce did from a position of considerable disadvantage against an opponent who seems to have a strangle hold on our country. He succeeded, and so can we, by reaching out to the third estate. It is interesting to see what Wikipedia has to say about the third estate, namely:-

    “Sieyès argues that the Third Estate – the common people of France – constituted a complete nation in itself and had no need of the “dead weight” of the two other orders, the First and Second Estates of the clergy and aristocracy. Sieyès stated that the people wanted genuine representatives in the Estates-General, equal representation to the other two orders taken together, and votes taken by heads and not by orders. These ideas came to have an immense influence on the course of the French Revolution.”

    Anything familiar here in that?

    On Derek’s “Agents of State” blog yesterday I G put the case that on blogs and websites such as this, the already converted are really just talking to themselves and not making any impact on our third estate and that is certainly a worry. Yet Bruce was able to do it without the internet even if it did take him some 7 years to get from his first wee victory commemorated on Bruce’s Stone at Glen Trool to victory at Bannockburn. We don’t have 7 years and it is indeed a tall order we face having to cut our way through the obfuscation and lies.

    Yet through these web pages we are putting ideas out into the public domain that weren’t there a year ago or, in the case of the UWS report for example, weren’t there even there a couple of weeks ago. Have you ever watched a huge flock of starlings twist and turn in the sky or a shoal of fish do similar movements in the sea with mind boggling precision and incredible speed. Have you ever wondered how the crowd at a Scotland game, rugby or football, will somehow spontaneously start to sing “Flower of Scotland” or even in the old days before it became not politically correct to do so, “Jimmy Hill he’s a poof”? How could one individual in the crowd get that started? Then there’s the swing to SNP in 2011. What sort of mechanism is afoot when a large group of people spontaneously act like a flock or a shoal.

    Collective unconscious perhaps?

    Collective ideas fly like birds or swim like fish when the time is right for them and that time is right now for independence. All we have to do is hold our nerve and keep putting the ideas out there in the ether in spite of the odds. We don’t have to understand how it works but the collective unconscious has its own way of creating a Zeitgeist, a spirit of the age. Military occupation of our country wasn’t too popular in Bruce’s day and clearly that helped him, and the lies and obfuscation today will inevitably build up a resistance movement in the third estate more and more as we head for September. You can’t continually and deliberately denigrate a people and expect them not to react as Derek has said in today’s piece.

    I am a gie ancient hill walker with some 5 decades involvement in the arts, and crafts. I know the freedom and joy of the wild places in my country, never mind the wind and rain, and I’ve got a okay knowledge of how creative thought processes go and have gone over many centuries around Europe. It does not surprise me that the creative people in this country are pretty solidly behind “Yes”. They have the vision to see the possibilities in the creation of a new, yet ancient, Scotland and by God it is exciting – the continuity with the past and the birth of a new nation.

    How can any Scot not vote for that! Bugger all the petty issues of the politically corrupt mind with no vision except their own paltry self interest. The world out there is waiting for us. The rain wind or shine of our future destiny (whatever that holds in store) will be ours to shape and take pride in. We can be a nation of real achievers and fly like those starlings, freely and joyously in response to what life throws at us from day to day and year to year. Life is for living and you might as well do it to the full – nae hauf measures – “hauf souls don’t go tae heaven” as they say. We’ve been hauf a country fur long enough.

  5. What an excellent piece Dunkie !!

  6. Your email communication is acknowledged and your views have been noted.

    Ann McKechin M.P.
    Glasgow North

    This is the response to my email of yesterday when I pointed out that her own Scottish MPs were found out lying about the real value of oil through the FOI documents of the 1970s from the Scottish Office. Enough said I think.

    • Well done for bothering to write to this benchwarming MP. I don’t suppose you are surprised by her ‘response’. Why would she need to make an effort? For some reason, people vote for her and her waste of space colleagues. She’s having a laugh.

    • I posted this on wings just a few minutes ago – it is from today’s Independent newspaper.

      McKechin, the Labour MP for Glasgow North, who sits on the Commons Business Committee, told The Independent: “The fact that BP has said something will give other corporates the confidence to speak out and tell people what the consequences are for shareholders and staff.

      So a Labour MP from one of the poorest areas in the UK thinks that the nasty cybernats are preventing those poor, wee, timorous CEO’s from speaking out.”

      But even worse than that from the WoS site is the following:
      A Labour MP, Fiona Mcdonald, lying in Westminster that Ian Gray and J, Baillie have ended the bedroom tax in Scotland.
      You couldn’t make it up.

  7. Dunkie, you cut through the nonsense fine and distilled all that we need to know in that wee masterpiece of yours. I’m carrying that with me right to the end.

  8. Like most people in Scotland, I fear that those that cry “Project Fear” protest too much, and actually are the ones that are more afraid. I certainly do not live in fear right now within the UK. Sure it is not perfect, but it isn’t that bad.

    • Not to clear where you are coming from here…… Not too bad from which particular aspect? Fully satisfied, nothing could be better, London dominance is just fine and dandy, Scotland has it’s fair share (as do the other north of SE England regions? Have you just woken up from the glacier or stepped out of the Tardus? Unbelievable. Maybe your irony just did not come across in you post.

  9. Watching Newsnight Scotland last night I thought Gordon was way over the top with his interview of Fergus and Caroline but I read today that his programme is scrapped and his future is unsure so maybe he was in the huff. Newsnight is being replaced with a BBC Scotland 2014 to run against STV at 10,30 and to be hosted by Sarah Smith- the late John Smiths daughter. Looking forward to balanced coverage.

  10. Dunkie

    Brilliant stuff man. Made me go all emotional which I seriously try to avoid in this referendum business. I shared it, impossible not to, with friends and family. I still find it difficult to reconcile the ongoing failure of some people not to understand the tremendous opportunity to change the game for Scotland and indeed the whole of the UK for the better by voting YES in September.
    More power to you and keep taking those walks!

  11. I laughed, for the first time, at Johann Lamont’s comments at FMQ today. I think the Unionist politicians are truly losing the plot. When will someone tell them that all they are doing is driving people over to the YES vote.

    • Whisky companies tax evade. BP is the worse company in corporate history. Ex-employees in the US are charged with culpable homicide and destroying evidence. Settlements are being made for deliberate pollution in Africa. Bo Dibley had to go into hiding and escape Russia. Putin had a place for him.

  12. On a more personal note, when I worked at the Ardersier oil construction yard, to the East of Inverness, in the late 90s, our order books were virtually empty. The monthly management briefings promised work from BP’s new Clair development. The rig would be the biggest ever constructed for the North Sea. As the steel-cutting deadline approached, no material was arriving. BP, that great British asset had placed the order with a Norwegian yard. I remember looking around the canteen at all the blackened faces. 3000 jobs would be lost, between the Ardersier and Nigg yards. 3000 families without an income. Devastation for Inverness, Moray and Ross. Many of those men ended up in Norway, producing the Clair for the Scottish sector. If my memory serves me correctly, in that same year, Norway had just nationalised its last private oil company, Prima. Ardersier closed. There was an article in the local rag, where all the great and good eunuchs lamented the passing of the oil construction sector. They included the most inept politician on the planet, the invisible Labour MSP, David Stewart. No support for any industrial transition, just a drawn curtain. It spoke volumes of the complete and utter vacuity at the heart of British politics. Who gives a fuck about teuchter jobs; there ain’t no votes away up there. Ardersier is now being opened again, as a centre for renewables fabrication. The lack of regional development policy, bemoaned by that champion of all things Scottish, Michael Heseltine, is being replaced by Scottish investment and innovation. Fuck the Union and fuck Labour (Scottish or otherwise).

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