Headless Chickens

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is a theory of unintended consequences. We have to hope the No side are suffering under its effects otherwise they are doomed to ricochet off the sides of fate like one of the Sochi athletes in the Metal-Tray Downhill Helter Skelter. (Britain got bronze)

First David Cameron, proudly gripping a lectern emblazoned with the name of what is now Scotland’s only official pro-Union university – Glasgow Caley- told us he loved us (I paraphrase) and we shouldn’t leave because the people of Britain were our family and were pleading with us not to desert them. This brings to mind his declaration of loyalty to the NHS when he underwent the transforming trauma of losing his young son and numbskulls like me fought back the instinct to blub. Now I weep at the idea I fell for it as I see the NHS sold off to Mitt Romney.

It was a brave but forlorn effort by a lightweight politician moulded on the Blair template but Merry England’s response was shorn of the passion for their country that Canadians displayed to Quebec in the nineties. The truth is that nobody cares enough about Britain to get on the streets with flags unless there’s a Royal carriage surrounded by Redcoats with a Red Arrows fly-over trailing politically correct pink vapour streams. Anyway, with austerity and welfare cuts evaporating what’s left in the British purse, a Royal parade today would probably end with George and Priscilla, or it is William and Camilla, being dragged from the wagon by the mob and guillotined at Smithfield Market.

Cameron’s appeal was met with one of those embarrassing moments where we know we’re supposed to do something but nobody knows what and we look at our shoes. Asking an English guy to give us a call and talk us round?! As if…Wanker…


It was at least an appeal to goodness, like when Christian Aid come round with an envelope for African orphans. What followed was like a scene from the Krays where the sinister bloke in a suit smiles at your face and intones: “Alright, Jock, my boy…know what I mean? You’re asking for more time to pay…I’m here to tell you the game’s up. You try that trick again and you get this…” Cue knuckle-duster. Not only did the gang leader come himself, he brought some heavies from the other mob AND he had a bent copper alongside. Message – you can’t win. Run off and tell your boss Alex.

Did they intend to juxtapose two utterly contrasting events? Did they really say in Number 10 it was a case of Good Cop, Bad Cop or was it just a mix-up? Are they serious or are they playing at politics without knowing the rules?

Then one of their thugs lets it be known – down the manor – that the rules have changed. If we don’t do as we’re told, the previous deal is off and even if we deliver our side, we’ll be denied. There will be no acceptance of a Yes vote unless we concede to them in advance. We must not only accept being shut out of our own currency and central bank but if we don’t capitulate in the talks, they won’t recognise our sovereignty. My impression was there would be no pre-negotiation. Now it’s coming thick and fast, position after position declared without consultation. Take it or leave it. Did I misread the Edinburgh Agreement or are we really dealing with political thugs?

Then tonight I read that there will be no combined offer of extra powers from the Unionists, the ones who said: Don’t vote for Salmond, we’ll give you what you want instead. Davidson is the latest one to make it explicit that while the Unionist gang can agree on telling Scotland what it can’t do they have no agreement on what it can. They have a real facility for being negative and threatening and are utterly devoid of the positive gene, almost as if they know how to put the boot in but when the time comes, they look around hopelessly for someone with first aid.

They combine to form Better Together, they bark in the Commons about shared values, they issue dire warnings together at Holyrood but when Scotland asks them for their collective, authoritive alternative, it dissolves into a dissembling mess. Unionism had one chance in this game, having blown their first golden chance at a second question. It was to work closely – as they are on denying us access to our own currency – to pull together a joint credible offer of more powers. They have now blown that too. The only thing they agree on is that Scotland must be constrained, strapped and chained and put to work to their benefit. When it comes to showing combined initiative and leadership to come up with something positive for Scotland to give us a sign of progress, they are split, confused, unprincipled and intellectually crippled.

The truth is there are no shared values, no shared vision, no cohesion, no agreement -only that Scotland must remain their domain for to set us free to soar would reveal them for the callow, self-interested, anti-Scottish, London-centric careerists they are.

This week will have frightened some, as it was intended to do. Many more will have opened their eyes to the deceit and metropolitan arrogance of Britain’s ruling elite – with Labour at its core – and without realising it yet, will have moved closer to Yes. I doubt if that is the consequence they intended.

37 thoughts on “Headless Chickens

  1. “Playing politics without knowing the rules” seems to sum it up pretty eloquently actually

  2. Their campaign is imploding. It will be obvious to all now that no extra powers will be given and a repeat of 1979 will happen.

  3. Perhaps some powers will be taken away as well

  4. “This brings to mind his declaration of loyalty to the NHS when he underwent the transforming trauma of losing his young son and numbskulls like me fought back the instinct to blub. Now I weep at the idea I fell for it as I see the NHS sold off to Mitt Romney.”

    You and me both, Derek. You and me both.

    • I still refuse to believe he would have cynically used the death of his own son to profess his commitment to the NHS, in this respect I would imagine he has been overtaken by his own party but was too weak to rein them in, I think his failure in respect to the English NHS is more to do with weak governance than cynicism I really do.

  5. Osborne going for Tory leadership. Torpedoed Cameron as ‘He lost Jocks’, Torpedoed UKLabour in Scotland – like lambs to the proverbial. ‘Job done cheerio, Jocks’, I’ve got the City.

  6. “are we really dealing with political thugs?”
    Yes. They do not have the intelligence needed to be anything else, and hence they have to try throwing their weight around, unhindered by principles or scruples.

    • Agreed. It’s a lot easier emotionally and intellectually to be against something than for something. To be for something takes imagination and a constructive intellect – to be against something you just need an unthinking knee jerk mob mentality

  7. I believe it was gold rather than bronze, Derek!

  8. Whisper, Whisper…. Shush Derek but do you think it’s time someone informed Better Together that the time for being nice to Scotland has passed and it;s back to the threats and insults phase of the abuse


    • They have no idea. If this is aimed at young people it’s too long; for older people there’s obvious untruths and for both young and old it’s too late……..in other words a complete waste of time, effort and cash.

  9. and the truth shall set us free

  10. Britannia waives the rules

  11. Cameron, Osborne and Danny Alexander – good cop, bad cop and not much cop.

  12. I’ve been trying, for God knows how long, to show the Labour supporters I know the true face of the creature they give their loyalty to time after time, election after election. I ask them what they get in return for their life time of loyalty and I’m met with a wink. “It’s part of the plan Kenny, we’ll get there yet”, they say. They know the Tories for what they are, but look to Labour to rescue them. I ask them how their project is going with depressing regularity. If this week doesn’t show them they are once again being duped by the British state then Hell mend them. With Darling allegedly orchestrating this attack, Milliband promising to govern like Thatcher and Labour politicians backing this even if it harms their own, they have no excuse for their blindness. Thank you George for making this fact so stark and transparent. If they still vote NO, then in the words of Jim Sillars, they “will bitterly regret it”. We all will.

    • Even worse Ken, was Michael Kelly’s apopleptic appearance on Newsnight on Thursday when he said that EVEN IF THE SCOTS VOTE YES, the Scottish Labour MPs will vote with rUK Labour to deny Scots the currency arrangement which will best suit them. In other words, screw the people we are supposed to represent, the unity of the (about to be defunct) UK Labour party is more important to us. You really have to wonder if there is any point to Scottish Labour at all.

  13. There’s seven months to go and it’s starting to get dirty. It does worry me what they’re going to try before the referendum.

  14. Listen Derek , here in Sauchie tin trays are not required to ricochet off the walls on a Friday night, pah amateurs.
    Just finished watching ‘ To play the King’ the follow up to the House of Cards, remember that series?
    The main themes, power crazy politicians at all costs, the social divide between the rich and poor, the bubble of Westminster , the collusion of the media, the manipulation of the media, dirty tricks of the state,the maintenance of the Establishment. Twenty years ago that was made, twenty years ago.
    Chillingly Urqurhart says to camera at the end ‘if you will the end, you must will the means”- I think they’re willing the means, badly…

  15. The Tory/Labour/Liberal alliance is conducting psychological warfare on the people of Scotland. Cameron’s ‘we love you’ speech delivered from behind a Scottish university’s lectern was just part of the process of softening us up before delivering a kick in the stones.

  16. Now you know why we can’t have a written constitution, how could you make up all this nonsense. They just make it up as they go along. If they get stuck they just start again. If parliament can’t screw it up to their satisfaction they pass it on to the lords for them to f*** up and if that don’t work, then it goes up to the privy council who bury it. That’s democracy for you! Job done.

  17. Any chance we can bring the Vote forward? Thursday or a week on Thursday is good for me!

  18. There’s a sense that the Johnson dynasty are influencing No 10’s deep throat here.
    Are BoJo and JoJo working on their retribution with a double slam dunk to the Flashmens’ of Eton and our overpromoted towel folders?
    Can the rUK wannabes’, Nixon and Regan, be laying a trap by serenading our big six mejia with overexposure of our tea party to affect a slow sluff to the right?
    Will the underdog dynasty rise to their rightful place in a future rUK by deathbombing their arch hormonal protagonists’ by helping the last of the Celts to bugger off leaving the spoils of throbbing metropolis to their mercy?
    Can the dastardly duo convert the errant, The Lady, sis to create a hackgate to overthrow The Spectator empire and finally reunite our favourite Three Musketeers?
    🎶 na Na Na Na Na ns na 🎶

    Oh boy am I looking forward to next weeks enthralling episode.

  19. Mr Osbourne you do not frighten me, “I have two o levels and a budgerigar”

  20. Why do they keep on hanging on? So much for, ‘It’s for Scotland to decide’? The majority of the rest of the UK support Independence for Scotland. The ConDems elected to protect NHS/Education, and cut the Deficit. Cut funding for NHS/Education and have not paid off the Deficit.

  21. Did Glasgow Caley really pay for the Tory publicity, when it can’t pay it’s lecturers.

  22. I think the Red, Blue and Yellow Tories have actually been on PussJotter reading “Vote No in 2014 and Protect the Union” https://www.facebook.com/VoteNo2014, with its 33,000 ‘likes’ from Neds, EDL/SDL thugs and some hingers oan too stupid to see who is feeding them tripe, and formed the impression this is a constituency worth appealing to,

    Forget Barrowman and his cringeworthy Immortal Mammary, the next poster boy for Project Fear will be Ray Winstone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-tBUHJf8zU

  23. Derek,
    Have you ever been asked by your former employers to return in a guest spot on one of their “balanced” broadcasts?

  24. I see some of the foreign press described the two young royals handling a few sandbags as ” an opportunity for a photoshoot “. Do you think Cameron’s appearance in front of the uni lectern was similar since the speech’s content was so vacuous ?

  25. British politicians are in clear need of re-training if they wish to improve their incompetence in dealing with Scotland.

  26. Derek, have you seen this article which examines some work done on BBC bias by an academic team at Cardiff University, led by Prof. Justin Lewis:


    It would be very interesting to compare the methodologies used with the UWS report. As with that report the BBC suppressed the results, despite actually commissioning the report to begin with. There might be some interesting comparisons to be made here with the referendum debate with a little more consideration/digging. It certainly confirms what has always been my impression that the BBC is pro-government, whichever one that may be.

  27. So Barroso links Scotland with Kosovo? Catalonia has it rougher: our foreign minister has linked Catalonia post-Yes with Abkhazia and South Ossetia (Caucasus, in case you didn’t know) and Somaliland. Nice to know their looking after our interests!

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