Lamont Wins!

If there’s been a worse “debate” anywhere, I missed it. Not since I lost my seven-year-old’s Furby have I heard so many irrational and angry meaningless words exchanged as we had in the STV debate with Sturgeon and Lamont. It wasn’t a debate at all. It didn’t even count as a stairheid rammy since nobody landed one meaningful point. I’m ashamed to say my mind drifted to old political corrs I’ve known who would have smiled and said: ‘See what you get when you put three women in a room and shout Politics!’

If you expect two people to argue you need to prepare for talking-over and therefore you start with an early yellow card and cut dead the interruptions. That didn’t happen. You can argue all you like about Johann not answering – and I do think her failure on Trident is a totally unnecessary own goal – or her lack of constituency knowledge on shipyards – unbelievable – the truth is that the people needed to watch this, the Undecideds, will have switched over after 10 minutes. The impression this left of our politics in general and our referendum in particular was a bit embarrassing and they should agree never to behave like Sauchiehall Street drunks again.


The net effect is that the Don’t Knows will have turned off both to the debate and the referendum and if there was voting tomorrow would decide to stay in bed. That is a definite win for NO. The fewer who vote, the better for them and I can’t remember a bigger turn-off since Jimmy Krankie wore a bikini in Aladdin


64 thoughts on “Lamont Wins!

  1. It certainly was terrible but I think in case they were in any doubt, Yes supporters will be much more wary about how to respond to those ‘spoiler tactics’

    There is time to devise a strategy to never allow that to happen again.
    I’m sure NS regretted how it turned out but time to move on.

    I was watching it with a DK and their opinion – NS came over as smart, intelligent and confident, JL came over like a fish wife but of course they thought overall it was very poor.
    Rona got the blame for not controlling it.
    They also thought that some folk might have felt a bit sorry for JL as she was being roundly drubbed!

    It was good to get an opinion from a DK as I couldn’t be objective.

  2. I agree the “debate” would turn off any undecided / not bothered voters which suits the NO campaign down to the ground as they don’t want rational debate when they can rely on the UK right wing press like the Daily Mail to set the agenda for the BBC.

    A strong chairperson is required to stop panellists talking over others and in the Question Time audience format, ill informed members of the audience are invariably allowed to express numerous Unionist myths but the Yes spokesperson is not allowed to respond to each of them.

  3. Whit a bourach! Yes, Rona was poor, but probably simply following orders. Lamont was, well, her usual horrid self, throwing words out like a berserk threshing machine. Nicola fell into the thresher, so I agree with Derek that Lamont won.

    I think Nicola should have quickly changed tactics to accommodate the weak chairing and simply allowed Lamont to rant for as long as she liked – only entering ‘the debate’ with rapier-like precision whenever Lamont gave her an opening – of which there were lots. Maybe she would have said fewer words, but a calm demeanour would have struck a chord with many DKs especially women.

    IF NS is to help win over the female ‘maybe nos’ she has to resist her own instincts to attack – unless of course she is up against some oversized male windbag such as the Big Beastie of Islay

  4. The blame for this travesty lies fairly and squarely with STV.

    They came up with the format and put in place a presenter who had neither the wit nor strength to control proceedings.

    It is obvious that the SNP have been coaching their representatives in control techniques when being interviewed by broadcast media – we see the same tactics from all their reps – talking over interviewers and other guests, making sure their answers are the longest ones and repeatedly interrupting other guests to dominate the arguments and ensure their views are given the longest exposure.

    On the STV debates Ms Sturgeon used all these techniques successfully when dealing with Mr Moore then took the hectoring rudeness to a new level when she debated with Mr Carmichael.

    Ms Sturgeon’s behaviour during her debate with Mr Carmichael was quite simply the most appalling demonstration of cheap jibes, boorishness and contempt displayed on telly so far in the indy ref debate. Mr Carmichael, clearly appalled by Ms Sturgeon’s behaviour, appealed to the presenter to maintain fairness; she declined to help thus signalling to Ms Sturgeon that her behaviour would be allowed to continue unchallenged. Remember, it was the presenter’s responsibility to ensure guests behaved properly. That STV considered this behaviour to be successful merely gave the SNP the green light to continue with it. And why not? The SNP are fully entitled to use whatever tactics they see fit and if STV are too weak to stop them that’s hardly their fault.

    Labour were faced with the dilemma of how to counter these tactics. Stop speaking in the face of Sturgeon’s onslaught and cede the debate? Hardly. The only tactic available to them was to use the same tactics, result? Chaos. Whose fault? STV’s.

  5. Grahamski Falkirk – were you watching the same debate as me? It was Johann Lamont who spoke non stop over Nicola Sturgeon – exactly the same tactics employed by Anas Sarwar – so if anything – it’s labour tactics to interrupt and talk constantly over the other person! Not only did she talk non stop over Ms Sturgeon, but she managed to do it while actually saying nothing of any value and avoiding answering any of the questions posed! Methinks that’s because she actually has no answers! Quite ASTONISHING for the leader of a political party!!

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