17 thoughts on “Labour Devo Plan Latest

  1. Tumble weed blows past

  2. And another tree dies of shame….

  3. theres nothing there or is that thne point?

  4. And then there are the Labour party members who are more than a wee bit irritated not to have been consulted over any aspect of the Party position on the referendum

  5. Hope everyone enjoyed the widespread live news coverage of this historic moment!

  6. Yes, it is!

  7. Made me smile over my coffee but in reality it is pretty scary

  8. Quite clear then…nothing!

  9. So it would seem, I would not be bothered even considering any of it. A bigger muddle they could not make of it that I could see, and giving councils power over Welfare, utterly stupid. Only Governments who raise the money can deal with that.

  10. ‘Deceivo Max’!

  11. We are told Labour have ‘good reasons’ for giving Scotland nothing?!?!?!?!

    I would imagine there is a relieved twig of a tree out there glad that Labour couldn’t be bothered to list those ‘good reasons’ in this devo plan. It can grow tall while Scotland can look forward to growing small under Labour.

  12. cynicalHighlander

    Devoid of genetic material.

  13. Does anyone else find it odd that they’ve put the executive summary up but not the main report?

    Have they actually written it, are they still arguing about it or are they just incompetent?

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